Trans Game Dev is a rapidly growing community of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals who are passionate about game development. We provide a safe and engaging space for our members to discuss their work, find new team members, and network with others in the industry.

Our doors are open to everyone who identifies as being under the trans umbrella with an interest in game dev, whether you're already established in the industry or just starting out.

Are you creating TTRPG resources, involved in publishing games, working on a new engine, or making music? The community is full of folks from all aspects of the development process - We'd love to have you!

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us on
Twitter and LinkedIn, or drop us an email.

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Latest Community Updates

New Raindrop Page

We've begun making resources, portfolios & projects created by the community available via our Raindrop bookmark manager

We're boosting the Queer Games Bundle!

The Queer Games Bundle is a collection of projects made by queer devs - All profits are split evenly between the devs!

Trans Game Dev Jam

The team is hosting a Game Jam to celebrate our first server Birthday! Join the 28 day event via the Game Jam channel

More topics on the Community:

  • #dev-diaries - Where folks post their works in progress, finished games or projects

  • #playtesting - Posts here rally the community to playtest your game

  • #gender-discussion - Gender is a minefield, things can be fuzzy and its a constant state of self discovery

  • #medical - Detailed discussions about medical transitioning if that's something that's part of your journey

  • #job-posts - A place to post or search for game dev jobs